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The FireWall solution
Web Application Firewall for .Net

60 Day Trial Keys

You can use the below license and key pair to try the software for 60 days. After 60 days the below license will default to a unregistered community edition. You can, at any time, change the keys for a registered or licensed version.

Try the ASP-WAF firewall

ASP-WAF firewalls have the best value propositions amongst any of the solutions on the market. The current standard of firewall solutions opens port 80 or 443 and allows virtually all traffic on the network our firewall solution goes further than that. The ASP-WAF FireWall monitors the connections to your web application and intercepts malicious or unwanted activity at an application level based on your endpoints and your security rules.

The below table allows you to choose between license models and protective scope firewall.



The domain related features and limitations in regards to hosting and firewall capacity & throughput
Domains 1 1 81 No limit2
Test Domains 0 0 81 No limit2
Cloud/ Azure Hosting X X Partial3
Physical Server Integration X
High Availability Cluster & Always-On Database Support X
Firewall User Profiles & User Tracking 32 000 64 000 No limit4 No Limit4
Concurrent Users 256 1 024 No Limit4 No Limit4

FireWall Guards Modules

The endpoint protection modules secure the access of your web applications and protects your intellectual property. They allow you to block, redirect, or allow malicious request and customize firewalls responses based on the endpoint's individual rules as well as the requesting users profile and his past activities.
Per User Encryption (GDPR compliant) X X X X
Session High-jacking X X X X
Cookie High-jacking X X X X
CORS, XSS and CSRF (Browser protection) X X X X
Content Security Policy (CSP) (Browser protection) X X X X
Content Security Policy (CSP) Reporting X X X X
Detailed Health & Incident Reporting X X X X
Web Statistics for browsing behaviour, users, etc. X X X X
Easy No-Cashing Enforcement on endpoints X X X X
Razor Output Minification X X X X
Cross Site Request Protection (non browser) X5 X X X
Action Protector X5 X X X
Model Integrity Filter X5 X X X
Known-Bad-Boys X5 X X X
D-DOS Protection X5 X X X
Non-AspNet Requests Detection X5 X X X
Penetration Detection X5 X X X
Repeat Violations Rules X5 X X X
User Type Classification X5 X X X
Wrong User Type Protection X5 X X X
Wrong Protocol Requests Protection X5 X X X
Add-Hock Requests Protection X5 X X X
Embedded Resources Protection X5 X X X
Reject Hit Ratio Violations X5 X X X
Reject Refresh Violations X5 X X X
Reject Site Scrubbing X5 X X X
Reject or Redirect Requests based on Geography X X X
Alter Content based on Geography X X X

FireWall Events

Events allowing you to apply configuration changes at runtime and interact with the request as well as with the firewall's rule engine
Disk Manipulation Detected X X X X
Endpoints Discovered X X X X
Rules Created X X X X
FireWall Created X X X X
On Phishy Request X X X X
Root Page Disposed X X X
On Incidents X5 X X
Guard Actions X5 X X
User Types Change X5 X X
Resource Requested X X
Resource Send X X

NuGet Packages

NuGet Packages bring extra functionality to the firewall in the form of storage, added functionality and reporting capabilities
Walter.Web.Firewall X X X X
Walter.Net.LookWhosTalking X X X X
Walter.Net.Networking X X X X
Walter.Cypher X X X X
Walter.Web.FireWall.ILogger X X X X
Walter.Web.FireWall.CookieStore X X X X
Walter.Web.FireWall.UserAgent.UsersStack X X X X
Walter.Web.FireWall.DefaultEndpoints X X X X
Walter.Web.FireWall.Geo.Native X X X
Walter.Web.FireWall.Geo.MaxMind X X
Walter.Web.FireWall.SMTPLogger X X
Walter.Web.FireWall.SqlLogger X X
Walter.Web.FireWall.DiskLogger X
Walter.Web.FireWall.EventLog X

Support Packages

Data subscription and support packages that come with the licensed software subscription
Installation support X X X
ASP-WAF Data subscription X X
Incident support package X X
Priority support package X
EUR 0.00
EUR 180.00
EUR 780.00
EUR 8,740.00
1* supports a public domain for production and one not publicly accessible test domain
2* all domains under the same license must be hosted on the same physical or virtual server
3* server migration/ swapping is not supported some cloud providers do not guarantee same server names
4* limited by speed and capacity of the hardware being used to host the application">
5* only reporting by the firewall, no actual blocking of requests or redirection of responses are supported.